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Three Company Event Ideas For 2018

If you’re planning a company event in 2018, it’s about time you started to organise it. Getting your acts, themes and more paid for and ordered before the event in good time will allow you to relax until it comes around. Summer barbecue parties, spring time target celebrations and events further along the line can be accommodated for with We Are Chippa.

We’re a professional team tasked with finding the best solutions to your problems. If you’re organising corporate event, choose our team to help you make your decision. Our company event ideas will provide you with inspiration as to how you want your event to pan out. Here’s three company event ideas for 2018:

  • Bring in a celebrity: Sprinkle some stardust on your event by getting a celebrity to attend it. Alesha Dixon, Akon, Ian Wright, Venus Williams and Bear Grylls are just some of them.
  • Theme your company event: To give your event a clear theme, choose our team to set one up. Go for The Great Gatsby, Bollywood or the Back to the 80s themes for your event.
  • A show-stopping act: With We Are Chippa you can book a wide variety of bands to turn up and play during the event. This can provide entertainment throughout the whole event for every guest.


If you’d like to discover more about our company event ideas, speak to our creative team today.


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