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Corporate Entertainment at its Best! The Top 10 Acts to Hire

When you are looking to throw the corporate party of the year, the entertainment you hire can make or break your event! So, to help you choose the best entertainment for your work do we’ve pulled together our best corporate entertainment ideas to inspire you!

A spectacular display with a vibrant Glow Show 

If you’re looking for a highly visual show to wow your guests then a spectacular glow performance is what you need! Versatile, creative and colourful, our pro’s know how to put on a show that will captivate everyone. The performance can be adapted to fit your corporate function and can be enhanced with props and pyrotechnics!

Inspire and amaze with a bespoke Shadow Show 

Tell your company’s story through a unique Shadow Show. Our amazing performers can create a bespoke performance to communicate your message in a powerful way. Each inspiring show is beautiful to watch and very memorable, making it the perfect entertainment choice for award shows, open days and fundraisers.

Acrobatic Carousel to amaze your guests 

This is like nothing your party guests have seen before! The Carousel show features two amazing acrobats performing a stunning aerial routine on a rotating rig, creating shapes and movements you didn’t know was possible. There are three available themes with this performance; The Ice Garden, Summer Garden or Corporate White.

Dance all night long with the Soul Keys Party Band 

If you’re in charge of the music at the next company do then you can’t go wrong with this premium party band. The Soul Keys are renowned for their talent and professional performances singing funk, soul, disco and pop. Check out their version of Party Like It’s 1999, it’s a cert to get all your party guests on their feet!

Fun table entertainment with a Silhouettist 

A silhouette artist is the perfect table entertainment. Our professional artists can move around your corporate event delighting your guests with paper silhouettes created using only a pair of scissors. This is a fun and interactive choice of entertainment to add to your occasion and gives each guest a little memento to take home with them.

A high impact show with Flash Drums 

Now this is corporate entertainment we absolutely cannot get enough of! The Flash Drums are unrivalled for high impact LED drumming with cool choreography and a constant change of pace to immerse your guests in the drama. Loud and highly visual, this drumming act is a great choice for outdoor company events.

Electric performance from Sally Violin 

Sally is a vibrant and incredibly talented violinist who commands the stage all by herself. She plays an amazing variety of songs with her electric violin, everything from moving love songs to popular dance songs, and can create a set list to suit your theme and audience. But she’s in high demand so you best get planning! Check out her performance of Rockabye & you’ll see exactly how amazing she is.

Unique musical experience with the Beat Boxers 

This trio of beatboxers will bring the musical talent to your corporate event without even touching an instrument. They are always remembered long after they’ve left for delivering an exciting and awe-inspiring show. Between them they create multiple sounds of percussion and bass lines, with vocals thrown in too!

Incredible vocals from Enchanted for a sophisticated event 

Enchanted are a sophisticated duo of world class singers who will add to the class of your corporate function. With a modern approach to classical music, Libby and Lucy combine their many musical influences to deliver a unique and flawless set. But words can’t do their voices justice, so have a listen!

The one and only Michael Bublé 

Ten world class musicians support the man himself to deliver a premium musical performance! Okay so he’s not the real Bublé but frankly this tribute band is so good who needs him! Their professional and confident performance has all the charisma and charm you would expect, topped with an incredible voice! If you’ve got a big stage to fill at your company event then these are the guys to hire!

To book any of these amazing acts for your corporate function or work Christmas party, request a call back and our friendly team will be in touch. Or for more corporate entertainment ideas, check out our live function bands and unique entertainment!


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