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Entertainment for a Rock N Roll Bride with Nostalgic Vibes!

When it comes to shaping your wedding day and ensuring yours stands out among the rest, why not turn to the most decadent decades in history for inspiration? We’ve explored three distinctively diverse themes for the Rock N Roll Bride ranging from the late 1800’s up to the 1960’s that’ll captivate, amaze and give both you and your guests a day worth remembering!


La Bohème

Hire a accordionist for your wedding

Whether you’re a lover of literature, music, theatre, visual art or generally just a lover of the thoroughly weird and wonderful, we can help you generate that classic Parisian romance and all the wonderment of 19th Century Monmartre (minus the risk of contracting consumption) with an added sprinkling of quirky circus action for people who love to put on something truly spectacular. From Stilt-Walkers to Jugglers, and Knife-Throwing Acrobats to A Guy who’s Trained to Literally Wield Multiple Flaming Whips before your very eyes: we have it covered.

Why not start by setting the scene and immerse yourselves in the musical styling’s of an AccordionistYou’d be in-Seine not to (pardon the pun). If it’s something more visual you’re after, we can bring the Moulin Rouge to you, with insanely talented Can Can Dancers that’ll inspire your drunk aunt to lift her skirt over her head and kick her knees up after a few mojito’s. For something slightly more subtle but zany all the same, think outside the invisible box and hire Mime Artists to mingle about your reception (they won’t object at the ceremony either). Although they are masters of silent comedy, they’ll definitely liven up the wedding party!

If you’re waiting for inspiration to literally fall from the sky, Aerial Bartending may just be the serendipitous suggestion you were hoping for. Let champagne rain on your guests, or into glasses, and ‘let’s toast it up’ like Ne-Yo, circa 2010.

For the bride and groom who are considering a more interactive element, we have a selection of various fairground rides that not only add the wow-factor, but also create some amazing photo opportunities for your special day.

If you want your invitees to have a tangible memento of their unforgettable evening, why not seek the skills of a Silhouettist? Armed with a pair of surgical scissors, reams of black paper a considerable amount talent, they can create a likeness of your wedding guests in just a few minutes!

Whilst we may not be able to provide Ewan McGregor belting out a love medley inside a giant elephant (although we’d give it a ruddy good try), we do have a smorgasbord of entertainment to tickle your French fancy that’ll be sure to impresario all your pals and family.

Peace & Love Festival Fiesta

hippy bride and groom

A wedding concept for music lovers. All the festival fun without the dreaded and somewhat questionable bathroom arrangements. We can’t promise an inebriated wedding guest wont dismantle your tent, but we’ll take the best elements of your favourite fests and give you an unforgettable Wedstock.

After picking where to pitch, we have lavish interconnecting Tipis for the reception that can accommodate over 500 guests for that rustic yet stylish feel. We can also provide Glamping resources for those who aren’t accustomed to roughing it in a part-time waterproof two-man tent. Bell tents that can accommodate up to 6 happy campers and for a little extra dosh can come with mattresses, pillows and duvets. The Bridal Tent option even comes with an actual double bed!

Nothing celebrates clear skies and sunshine more than a nice glass of Pimms. So for those 3 solid days a year of which that British Sunshine is warm enough to bring out your freckles, make the most of it with a Pimms Cart or  Slushie Cart for when the heat becomes a little too much!

When it comes to tunes, you’ll find a plethora of bands and artists on our site covering the entire spectrum of genres: Indie, Pop, Folk, Blues, RnB, Acoustic, as well as tribute bands—You name it, we’ve got it!

For those who are a bit more laidback and not down to boogie, keep them entertained with Shisha Tents or the visual delights of Bubbleology and Glow Performance before or during bands.

After formal photos are out of the way, give your guests a funky new get-up with all-the-rage Glitter Face paint, and then have them show it off and make memories in a Tuk Tuk Photobooth.

After all the excitement, what better way to end the night, than with a breathtaking Firework Display? Let’s start your married life out with a bang!

Swanky Speakeasy Soiree

Paying homage to the eccentric Art Deco era with copious amounts of jazz and liquor. As gin seems to be the in-thing, with a huge boom in popularity this past year which is only set to increase, The Mini Gin Company offers a horse box bar (or a smaller pop-up option) carrying a bespoke menu of gin-based beverages. Whether you serve it from a bathtub is entirely up to you (though we do recommend glasses). If you’re after a tipple a little more Dark & Stormy, you won’t have to gin and bear it, as they also run The Mini Rum Company.

Greet your guests with a Charlie Chaplin Statue. The iconic Silent Film cheeky chappy will charm with his 1920’s tomfoolery that’ll leave everyone laughing and also make for some unique wedding snaps.

For interactive merriment of the decade, raise the stakes with casino games and poker tables, to help allude your guests into thinking they’ve entered a slick underground gambling ring (all aboveboard, of course).

We have a number of maestros that suit this theme down to a tee. Keep it vintage with the authentic sounds of the Charleston Chaps and Roaring 20s Jukebox. Or for something a little more updated to inspire a good ‘ol fashioned singalong, Incredible Sheikhs perform modern tunes in a retro style. To keep the rest of your music complementary, a Vinyl DJ is an elegantly-quirky touch that’ll beat your bog-standard wedding playlist.
Have a jolly great time dancing with your beau among our Charleston Dancers who not only put on a good show, but can help you take a whack at it yourself!

There’s no prohibition on your imagination with Chippa Entertainment.


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