A great alternative to your guests booking into a local hotel, and we can manage all of the bookings for you via an online booking system. We can set up beautiful bell-tent camping villages as a quirky accommodation option for your guests.

We offer various packages; from empty bell tents, to luxury furnished tents with bedding, bunting and the works.  Our awesome bridal tent is the most luxurious option of all!
A complete village can be arranged as part of your tipi package or individual tents can be booked and paid for directly by your guests via an online booking system, removing all hassle and cost from the hosts.

Our bell tent packages and prices are detailed below and are for the entire event hire period. These prices will be subject to a delivery charge if our giant tipis or sailcloth are not also booked at the event.


Price List

Blank Canvas – Bell Tent Only – 2-6 occupants – £165

Glamping – Tent, Double or single mattresses, fitted sheets, blankets, table, lantern (just bring a sleeping bag and a pillow) – 2-6 occupants -£239 – £317

Ultimate Glamping – All of the above plus pillow, duvet, rug, cushions, chairs, welcome basket – 2-6 occupants – £277 – £421

Bridal Tent – All of the above with some lovely extras and a beautiful real double bed – £340

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