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Three Of Our Best Tribute Acts To Hire For Your Event!

Tribute Acts to hire! 

We Will Rock You, Thriller Live, Let It Be. Queen, Michael Jackson, The Beatles. Three iconic musicals based around three unforgettable stamps on music history. Tribute acts and shows are a perfect tonic to any event because they’ll get even the most tentative toes tapping.

At We Are Chippa, we believe our tribute acts for hire in the UK can provide your event with something special, fun and befitting of your theme. Firing through classic hits in the same fashion as the real thing, your guests will believe you’ve hired the real Stevie Wonder, asked Dolly Parton to step on stage or brought Michael Jackson back.

Here’s three of our tribute acts to help you make a decision for your event:

  • Adele tribute: Regarded as the best Adele tribute act in the world. Watch and listen as Katie Sets Fire to the Rain while saying Hello to your guests with a stunning performance. Add something unforgettable to your event this year.

  • Michael Buble tribute: Make sure Everything about your event is classy by hiring Michael Buble to sidestep through famous songs and exceptional covers.

  • Elvis Presley tribute: No list of tribute acts is complete without the undoubted King of Rock ‘n’ Roll making an appearance. Choose for a fun and exciting act whatever the event.

To discover more about our tribute acts to hire, speak to our team at We Are Chippa today.


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