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Top 5 things to have at your Festival Themed Event

Planning a festival is a big job, that’s why at Chippa we think its important to have plenty of ideas for planning one! We have come up with the top 5 must have things at your festival, to make it the best gig of the summer!


A tipi is a great addition to any event and would be the perfect addition for your festival theme. Our tipis are perfect to put a bar in or would pair well with rustic furniture to create a relaxed environment and a perfect getaway from the hot sun. Our tipis are beautifully structured and work with almost any layout.

The wave swinger

The wave swinger is a thrilling but fun ride that would add some extra entertainment suitable for almost any age. Adding this to your festival means families would be able to go on together and take some time to have fun while listening to the music. During a hot day this ride would be perfect as a fun cool down.

Slush machine

Everybody loves the classic slush puppy and having one at your festival would be a big hit. These would be a tasty addition to cool everyone down on a hot day and could be enjoyed everywhere. Drinking these would give you a nostalgic feel and would give the festival the extra touch it needs.

Fire performance

Adding entertainment is a great way to make your festival a big hit. We recommend the fire performance to entertain any age. Its colourful and bright and is sure to turn heads. The skilful performers will add the allure the festival would need.

Tuk Tuk Photo Booth

The last thing every festival needs is a photo booth and we think the Tuk Tuk photo booth would be perfect. Colourful and bright, this photo booth will guarantee happy faces at your festival. Being able to take photos and make even more memories your guest will be wanting more after this night is over.






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