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Why You Should Hire Giant Inflatables

Hire Giant Inflatables!

There’s something in our brains that switches whenever we see anything inflatable. An inflatable ball has a flight like no other when kicked, an inflatable swimming pool accessory is just waiting to be jumped on and watching kids run and jump through balls pits is sure to make you jealous.


Our team at We Are Chippa understand that unlocking that childish core of yours, and your guests’, is only a giant inflatable away. That’s why we provide giant inflatables for hire across the UK for corporate events, birthday parties and even weddings.

We’ve all enjoyed TV shows with obstacles courses or challenges – think Gladiators or Bring On The Wall – but you’ve rarely thought it possible to have one at your event. Luckily, with We Are Chippa you can keep the children and adults happy at any event with our vast selection of giant inflatables for hire.

Aside from the standard quality bouncy castles that are available to hire in range of different styles, we also have a fun boot camp assault course, gruelling bungee runs and the classic rodeo bull. Whatever your event is, it can benefit from the uncompromising fun that our giant inflatables for hire will instantly give you.

To hire our giant inflatables for your event, speak to our team today.


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