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2013 marked the movie release of “The Great Gatsby” based on a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby Themed Party explores an era of decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval, and excess, creating a portrait of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties. This 1920’s party theme has been extremely popular since the movie launch and is a really fun event to plan!

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The Decor

When we were asked to create a Roaring 20’s/Great Gatsby Themed Party for Halton House we were very excited! Halton House is a breath-taking building, originally owned by the Rothschild Family and has featured in many TV programmes and films including Downton Abbey, The Kings Speech, Poirot and The Queen to name a few.

The building was very easy to theme as it already boasts luxury and elegance which go hand in hand with a Great Gatsby Theme. We added some props and backdrops to certain aspects of the house to bring the 1920’s look and provide a great background for the entertainment we were showcasing. We set the scene immediately with a 1920’s Falcon Knight car outside the house which was as a great attraction for guests to have pictures with.

The Music

A brass band played under a small marquee on the veranda whilst guests made their way into the house. Inside they were greeted by gentlemen stilt walkers in bow ties who were amazing crowds with their juggling and diablo skills. The Champagne Fountains looked impressive and the guests were already getting in to the swing with dancing Flapper Girls and an acoustic 4-piece roaring 20s band.

The Entertainment

As guests made their way around Halton House they were greeted by a variety of entertainment and attractions. This included a 10-gun outdoor laser clay pigeon shooting range, arcade games such as Speed of Light, Dance Machines, Final Furlong and Sega Rally. The Chocolate Fountains were fabulous and a Silhouette artist made his way around the crowds cutting out a profile of each guest within minutes.

Moving on to the evening, some made their way to the casino room to enjoy the classic 20’s music from singer Andy and to try their hand at Roulette, Blackjack and Poke. The thrill seekers hit the fun fair rides and after joined in some fun games of coconut shy and hoopla. The themed entertainment was fantastic but we wanted to kick off the evening music with something a little more modern to get the party started. Indie Pop Covers band ‘Jax’ went down a storm who made their way through the crowds on the dance floor to party till the early hours!

An incredible Great Gatsby event to be a part of and a brilliant night had by all!

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