Parties bring the people you love and know from all over the country. They might be travelling down for the day or want to stay over the weekend, so having a combination of hospitality to complement your party this year will add something extra special.

At We Are Chippa, our outdoor entertainment for parties will keep your guests partying all night and allow you to utilise the space at your venue. Weather may be a factor in some venues but our range of outdoor entertainment attractions will allow you to inspire awe in every guest that attends your party.

Here’s three of our outdoor entertainment for parties to select from:

  • Musical firework display: An attraction that never gets old. Fireworks firing off to the sound of music will add a spectacle at the close of your event no matter what. Choose from three to over 14-minute displays over more than one site.
  • Glamping hire: Ensure your guests feel welcome at your party for the weekend by providing them with a glamping experience at the end of it. Perfect to cap off an outstanding party and guarantee your guests feel loved.
  • The Mini Gin Company: Gin is favoured for its flexibility to go into a whole host of cocktails. Make sure your guests can sample the best gin around with this horse box or pop-up bar.

To find out more about our outdoor entertainment for parties, speak to us today.