Waking up in the morning and feeling in your jacket pocket for some sign of what happened last night might not be the way you envisaged your Christmas party, but it’s widely accepted. Your hand reaches around a glossy picture; friends to the left of you, some guy in a weird hat to the right of you and you realise instantly, that photo booth was a laugh last night.

At We Are Chippa, we’re able to provide your event with the perfect photo booth for every occasion. Our range of unique, wacky and different photo booths will be sure to make a fun impact on your event. If you’re looking for something to liven up your Christmas party venue, choose from our wide selection of photo booths.

To give you an idea of the range we have at We Are Chippa, here’s a few to get your mind whirring:

  • Telephone box: If your event emanates traditional British style and class, this classic telephone box photo booth is ideal.
  • Paparazzi photographers: Don’t bother cramming into a photo booth at all as you’ll have a dedicated team of paparazzi taking the best pictures.
  • Christmas cab: A taxi cab decorated and kitted out with Christmas decorations is sure to be a main attraction at your party.

To find out more about our exciting, unique and different photo booths, contact us.